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Casting and plastering is in our DNA, having started years ago in Europe, continuing in Toronto after emigrating to Canada and for 15 years in London Ontario, applying our craft to some of London and surrounding area finest residences. From Residential to large commercial projects, Prior Wall Systems has repeatedly served London homeowners and contractors on time and budget.
The broad range of experience means we are certified installers of all major EIFS Stucco systems, as well as a host innovative construction solutions. Tirelessly advancing our process means we have worked on highly unique projects and offer very competitive pricing. We can also accommodate custom shaping and profiling of EPS shapes as we have CNC fabrication capability. Not to mention limitless potential in specialty casting.

Like any construction project, the results depend on who completes the job. With exterior claddings and castings such as stucco and cast stone, the implications are more crucial. Improper fabrication of castings limits lifespan of what should be a permanent solution, and lower grade materials such as plaster mixes for fireplace surrounds leads to heat discolouration and cracking. Proper installation by a certified applicator means a tight envelope that doesn’t retain moisture, whereas improper installation can lead to mould and disastrous results which have lent the industry a spotted history. From traditional styles and methods to cutting edge transparent, we encourage you to contact us for a solution regarding your project. It costs nothing to compare.

Contact us for a solution regarding your project. It costs nothing to compare quotes!

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