There are a number of Stucco contractors in the London Ontario area, and surely far more that claim to be. Few stucco contractors in London have the breadth of experience one acquires when working on a vast array of commercial and residential projects. Even fewer are accredited EIFS stucco applicators with all the stucco systems available locally. None that have the tooling to form custom EPS mouldings and shapes.

There are a large number of EIFS product lines available to the London market, each with different qualities and available finishes or techniques. We can discuss a your project’s specific needs without being ”stuck on a system”. At the same time, less scrupulous stucco contractors will mix components (to save on cost), thus voiding warranties or even compromising the construction of the project. There are many types of ”looks” a stucco can achieve, from limestone finish, granite finish to metallic or concrete panel looking finishes.

Stucco contractors in London will generally purchase the mouldings your project requires, and if a custom moulding or shape is required, they will subcontract to an EPS forming shop. We have EPS forming tolling in house. We proudly stand behind our work and encourage you to compare other stucco contractors in London ON to better understand what sets us apart!

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